Toxic Friendships.

Hey guys, this topic has been something I have been struggling with for a while now. Me and my boyfriend was friends with this girl im gonna call her “rocky” anyway we was friends with her for years and she is actually the reason why me and “Airsoft boy” first met and got to know each other.

However we decided a while ago to cut all contact with her as she was lying about us to other people and she was making our mental health worse, she then started harassing us on social media, we tried talking to the police about it but they refused to do anything unless we had proof but we already blocked her on everything.

We then tried to talk to her in a calm manner to try and stop the harassment as I was pregnant at this point and the stress she was causing me was giving me pains with baby as well as night terrors every night to the point i was scared to sleep in case she broke into our house, she then agreed to be civil with her. We have met up with her a few times since then and she seems to think that we are close friends again but she is trying to determine who we hang out with and lying to us all the time, we know we need to get rid of them as friends but we don’t want to risk the harassment starting again when i only have 11 weeks till im due to give birth.

If you have any advice on what I can do then please leave a comment below.

Laus Blogger xx



Hi, this is a bit of a deep topic today and I want to apologise now for that.

I was recently lost my great grandad on Tuesday and I have felt so alone since, I feel like I am scared of losing everyone I am close too now, my partner “airsoft boy” has been trying to tell me that there is nothing i can do so i should be happy with the memories i had with him and be thankful that he is in the best place now.

I have been going out but I have been spending time mainly with my partner and i was hoping to find out whether this is normal to happen while you are grieving someone because this is the first time that i have been properly grieving someone. I have been trying to distract myself by cleaning consistently and doing stuff around the house but I always end up sleeping more lately.

Any advice would be appreciated and i am willing to try anything out at this moment in time so dont be afraid to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading this, Laus Blogger xxx

Is it ok to hang out with other guys?

Hey guys,

This is a bit of a personal post that I need advice on, I have a close friend who flirts with every girl he can and he thinks we can’t hang out like we use too because of my boyfriend “Airsoft Boy” even though my boyfriend trusts me enough and isn’t worried about it. He said I can set the boundaries but I feel bad for even flirting with him even in a jokey way, is this normal or am I just being silly. This has been my longest relationship and I really don’t want to ruin it as I love him to bits and we are expecting a baby together, I am currently 24 weeks, I just don’t want to ruin our relationship or ruin the trust we have in each other.

I hope you lot can leave advice in the comments.

Laus blogger xx

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog!

I have created this blog for many reasons, the main reason is to be able to write what is on my mind and not be judged for it. In person I come across as a very shy and quiet lady until you get to know me better and I am comfortable with you. I will be randomly posting photos I take throughout my days too because I am very passionate about photography but never actually got given the chance to take it up during college.

Just a background knowledge, this blog will be anonymous so I will be using code names for all my friends and anyone I mention in this blog so it won’t give my identity away, I will also not be posting any photos of me or anyone close to me for this reason. However I will be asking for advice on stuff that will be happening in my life and would appreciate it if you could reply.

If your still reading this then I would personally like to say thanks as I know that I am not a very interesting person and would like to hope you stick around for later posts.

Laus blogger xx